Jim Hogg Park

We’ve stayed at Lake Georgetown several times over the years. It is close to home, inexpensive, and usually relatively sparse. This weekend it was heavily crowded and there was a lot of boat traffic, but we extended our stay a couple days and it thinned out greatly this afternoon.

We’re staying in Site 37. It was relatively easy to back into with only one tree to worry about that only slightly reaches over the pad, but it is on the blind side of the trailer. As far as I know, all the spots on the lake side are on the blind side. Not a huge deal but is much easier when using two way radios and a spotter.


Next time we’re going to try and book site 30, which happens to be a double site, so that we don’t have a slope out the door of the trailer and because it has a terrific view of the sunset. Or site 32, which is a single site right next to it, that has a great trail down to the water.

As for the new roof, we had a strong thunderstorm roll through last night and hang over the lake for a couple hours. We checked the ceiling throughout the entire unit for leaks during and after the storm and didn’t find any indication of moisture coming in. It was a great test and we’re very happy with the results. When the storm came in Violet was extremely upset because I think the last storm we went through (with the roof leak) traumatized her. We’ll have to work on positive associations with the trailer and storms with her, as we experience them.

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