Ready for Install

The remaining suspension parts arrived this morning, and I scheduled the install. I laid all the parts out so that I could inspect them and verify everything was there before taking it to the shop. One of these days I hope to have a large enough garage and the appropriate tools to do things like this at my house. It’s going to cost $1,400 for the install, including the alignment, which I’m being told is about right for this kind of deal. They’re giving me a fixed price quote… so either they make out or I do, but at least I’m not paying by the hour if/when they get stuck.

The install is going to be done by Reese’s Truck Pieces in Burnet, Texas. We’re going to make a mini vacation of this by taking my truck, the RV, and Kelly’s truck to Canyon of the Eagles next Monday, dropping off the RV, moving all the parts from the hers into my truck, driving both trucks to the shop, locking up my truck and leaving the keys with the owner for them to begin work on Tuesday morning. They estimate 2-3 days. We booked our site through Saturday, so hopefully we’ll have a couple days with it unloaded and then a good test haul back home with the new suspension in place.


The components for the Kelderman kit are absolutely massive. With a shipping weight of five hundred pounds, I have to wonder how much weight I am adding to the truck. The parts I am pulling out cannot weigh anywhere close to that. I didn’t photograph anything for scale, but if you look at the right side of the top photo there is a 5 gallon water jug to act as a reference point.


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