New Garbage Disposal

Last week our garbage disposal somehow jammed up, and though I couldn’t find anything in it, I was able to get it going again by turning it manually. I know it has been shedding ball bearings lately, so I went ahead and ordered a replacement unit, but was in no hurry to install it.

Fast forward to this morning, and we found standing water under the sink, tracking the source to a drip on the bottom of the disposal.

Luckily, I already had everything on hand to replace it. A new unit, the Waste King Legend 1hp, a new drain for the other side, an installation kit (which is basically a selection of random pipes and fittings) and some putty. It took a around an hour to clean the mess and do the install, which went surprisingly smooth for a plumbing job, and only required one piece of pipe from the old plumbing to be re-used. I redesigned the routing of the pipes under the sink to be more rigid, and threw away the flexible P-trap that the previous owner installed, a source of multiple leaks since we have moved in due to poor design.

I chose the new unit primarily for warranty (lifetime, in-home), stainless steel flange and grind components (our old disposal was a spectacular display of rust), and power, twice the one we pulled out. We paid $99.99 on Amazon for it, though it looks to have since gone up a bit. Time will tell, but it seems to be a far better unit than the one we replaced.

[amazonjs asin=”B000DZGN7Q” locale=”US” title=”Waste King Legend Series 1 HP Continuous Feed Garbage Disposal with Power Cord – (L-8000)”]

[amazonjs asin=”B003N5WJ94″ locale=”US” title=”Kitchenaid Heavy Duty Kitchen Chrome Sink Drain Strainer 4396734″]

[amazonjs asin=”B01LQIH232″ locale=”US” title=”Garbage Disposal Installation Kit”]

[amazonjs asin=”B000BQQM2I” locale=”US” title=”Oatey 25101 Hercules Sta Put 14-Ounce Plumbers Putty”]

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