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Air System Relocated

by James 0 Comments

I spent most of yesterday evening relocating the air compressor, dryer, and 3 gal tank to the bed of the truck. I had to fabricate some mounts but didn’t have many scraps to work with, so they didn’t turn out very pretty, but they’re functional and I can always replace them later.

Clearance should be okay with the fifth wheel, but I need to test it to be absolutely certain.

The underside of the truck used to look like this:

But now has what I believe to be room for the spare tire:

I’m a little concerned that the sway bar won’t clear the spare tire, but think that, in the worst case, I can probably let the air out of the spare tire to make a little extra room, and air it up if needed with the onboard compressor.

Also, I added this little switch panel for my front and rear light bars, which gives me two spare switches for future accessories:

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