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Long Term Holding Altcoins – Test 1

I took 2 ZEC at Polonix (worth roughly $1050 in USD) and traded it for BTC. Then divided the BTC five ways, and bought five (almost) random low-cost altcoins. I did a little bit of research on each of them, but none of them are extremely popular and have a ton of information. That’s part of the game here.

  • 22689 DOGE
  • 3962 BURST
  • 549 POT
  • 263 SYS
  • 6591 SC

Altcoin trading is interesting because it’s the ultimate high risk, high reward trading in CryptoCurrency. These are low volume, low cost coins, that are fairly new to the market or (in the case of DOGE, at least) old but not well embraced. They may dwindle down to nothing or you may see five, ten, or even thousand fold increases in incredibly short spans of time. I’ve avoided investing in them so far, instead holding more mainstream currencies like ETH, ZEC, XMR, LTC, and BTC, but decided to take the plunge and invested roughly $210USD into each of these. I plan to make these a long term investment, and will post how they’re doing at least monthly here.