I’ve been swamped with work and the weather hasn’t been cooperative for working on the boat, but I did take a few monents these last few days to rework the interior of the truck for the N’th time.

I didn’t take before photos, but generally, it looked like this:


I moved all the radios into the closing center console compartment, which frees up the center console for storage and allows free access to all of the accessory buttons under the radio. I also moved the CTS2 into the console using a ProMounts mounting kit I found online. The two ham radios are connected using both automotive exterior attachment tape and some scrap aluminum that I cut and drilled in order to create a makeshift mount, that is ultimately tied to a RAM mount. I can still use the storage area under the radios, but it’s difficult to get to, so reserved for large, rarely accessed items. All of the wiring comes up through the bottom and I cut out the bottom panel, which is easily replaceable if I ever want to back out these changes in the future, in order to allow the wires to pass through.