McKinney Falls State Park

We made it down to McKinney Falls again, which is half an hour away but always booked solid. We chose to go in on a Sunday, and leave on Wednesday, since it is actually possible to reserve a site during the week with little notice.

It’s a great little park, with several miles of hiking trails, and due to the proximity to us, is a convenient get-away trip. Before leaving, I pulled the recliners out of the back of the living room that we never use, and used that space to store Kelly’s bike/my trike.

There are anchor points in the carpet to hold the recliners in place while moving, so I used those and some bungees to hold the bikes still in transit.

The weather was somewhat cold and wet – staying in the 40s to 50s, and raining most of the time. I have no complaints, as that made for perfect running weather. I only took the trike out for about ten miles on the trip, but ran over 10K on Monday and another 10K on Tuesday.

From Strava, 7.35mi
The photo doesn’t do this justice.

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