Since my last post that covered a little about how I have a lot of work obligations, those obligations (and projects) blew up and I’ve been working what seems around the clock. Fortunately there is a significant reduction in sight.

Because of the workload, my schedule for running became a lot tighter. I’m managing to knock out a little over 30 miles a week (31.5 miles for Jan 28-Feb 3) and increasing that distance a little each one. I ran a couple of those sessions at night – my favorite time to run – on the empty, moonlit trail system that runs behind our house. I should do that more often, but usually try to get my runs in over lunch or earlier in the day so that I can have lazier evenings.

A couple weeks ago I did a treadmill HR test, and now my coach has me running based on HR. That means slowing down – a lot – but the trade off is running further. This article explains a little of the method behind the madness. It is madness, because for me, the Z1 and Z2 are excruciatingly slow and I’m going to need to see massive improvements soon to keep tolerating it (and he says to expect them, so here is to hoping 🍻).

Kelly, on the other hand, has really been struggling with her bike trainer lately. It’s a tire-on model, which is designed for ease of use but perhaps not the best road feel. I haven’t ridden on it, but she says it has been holding hill climb simulations when there are no hills and generally has felt “off”. Rather than messing with it, we’re going to replace it with the one we should have bought to begin with. An open box/ discounted Tacx Neo is on its way, and I’m excited to see how different it rides.

We’ve been taking the camera out for all of our walks – a few times a week – but the majority of the photos we have captured are of the dogs. And we love photos of our dogs, for sure – we take plenty of them. But I don’t think most of them are worth posting here. We need to get out, and see some new sights, so we’re going to plan a RV trip really soon and get some trails in.

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