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Full Timing

We’ve been slowly inching towards a long-term goal of ours, which is to full-time in the RV for a while while we are “young”.

We purchased our first home back in January 2014 – a small, 1345 sq ft fixer-upper on a “large” (1/4 acre, which is much smaller than we actually want) lot that was at the bottom of the price bracket for our area – and put a lot of time and effort into making it into what it is today. I’m probably a bit biased in saying this, but I believe it to currently be among the nicest houses in our neighborhood. Five years later, we’re looking to get out of our starter home and build (not buy, unless we find something absolutely perfect) our forever home. We have a long list of goals for that home, and need to accumulate quite a bit of money for it. One of the easiest ways to save that cash is to sell this house at a profit and travel in the RV for a while, which perfectly meshes with our goal to do so while we are still in our 30s.

We’ve had a lot of people start conversations with us while traveling. Most of them are lead by the fact that we’re younger than most RVers, especially those who show up in a rig like ours. Many of those conversations were with elderly couples traveling across the country, and almost all of them mention something along the lines of “we wish we did this when we were your age… we could have enjoyed it more”. Being that I work 100% remotely, we see no reason to let the opportunity pass us by.

We’re not exactly sure when we’ll sell the house and move into the RV for a while, but at this point it is likely sooner rather than later. We’re moving forward on various projects – fixing up the house, modifying the RV – so that we can get a move on this. Maybe as soon as the end of this year.

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