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OEM Mud Flaps

When we purchased our Ram, it came with dealer mud flaps on it.

Dealer mud flaps

When we purchase a vehicle, our relationship with that dealer is essentially over. I’ve never gone back to the dealer I’ve purchased a vehicle from for service, usually opting for whatever dealer is closest to me at that time. Nor have I revisited for a second purchase – maybe that will change in the future if there are ever any stand out experiences. Since I’ve never had an overwhelmingly positive experience with a car dealer, I can’t imagine wanting to drive around providing free advertising for them.

In this particular case the experience wasn’t bad, but it took longer than it should have and the offer in person wasn’t the same that had been discussed on the phone, causing quite a bit of frustration and delay while we argued them back down to where we wanted. Typical dealership hassles, in my experience.

One of the first things I did was pull those mud flaps off the truck and order the OE ones from an online dealer. The part number for mud flaps wasn’t published yet for 2019 trucks, so I ordered the ones slated for 2010-2018, under the impression they should be the same. Part number 82215777AB, in case anyone is here looking for it.

It turns out that none of the mounting holes line up between year models, so I used the ones I removed from the dealer as a template to sort of get these to fit. They’re a larger size and much thicker and heavier than the ones that came with the truck, so using those as a template was not ideal. After a little experimentation, I ended up with the above fitment on both sides.

We both think they are a large improvement over the dealer-installed ones and fit pretty well. I considered running without them, but was worried about the paint behind the rear wheels and they’re required on DRW vehicles by many state laws.

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