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Class A Exempt License

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As posted here, we recently upgraded from a 10,000# GVWR (door jamb) truck to a 14,000# DRW to pull our 15,500# GVWR 5er. I didn’t realize at the time, but yesterday when I received the tags it occurred to me that I’m now at 29,500 combined GVWR, which requires me to obtain a Class A Exempt license.

Except that the registration paperwork on my truck shows that the dealer registered it for 10,200#, which puts me at 25,700#, or just under the threshold. However, that does put me back into the legally overweight territory if they use that number. In a perfect world, I’d point to this for licensing, and point to the door jamb when weighed – but you can’t always have your cake and eat it, too. I think it may actually be up to interpretation and am getting varying answers depending on who I talk to.

I’ll probably err on the cautious side and get the Class A Exempt license. That involves taking a 20-question written test, followed by a practical skills test in the rig with someone from the DMV in the passenger seat. I’m pretty confident in my skills, but am going to practice a bit in a parking lot with some cones to make sure I can nail all the backing maneuvers they can throw at me the first time, without having any points docked.

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