Life En Route

Truck Repairs

We finally got the truck into the dealer for the belt squeak, and they diagnosed it as a faulty fan clutch. It’s too risky to drive another several hundred miles on it with the RV, so we’re stuck here until it is fixed. The problem is — the parts are backordered and they can’t guarantee it’ll be fixed and available to pickup until next Tuesday. Due to the progression of the issue, they don’t want to release it to us to drive in the interim, which is fine with us, since we now have the Jeep to drive around.

Our plans were to head to Tucson, Arizona on Thursday, so we’re scrambling to rearrange our travels. We’re going to cancel our reservations at the Tucson RV park and see if we can extend our stay here until Friday, Jan 10. If all that works out, we’ll head to Tucson or somewhere around that area on Friday, stay overnight, and finish heading into Lake Havasu, Arizona on Jan 11. That keeps our current itinerary, but skips over Tucson, which we’ll revisit at a later date. Perhaps next winter — since it seems like a great place to overwinter, assuming you can get reservations far enough ahead of time. To be honest, we’re over the desert for now and are not too upset about skipping the nine days we had booked in Tucson.

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