Life En Route

External 50A Outlet

We’re boondocking more often nowdays, and beginning to branch out and camp with other people.

Not all the people we’re going to camp with have solar, or enough solar to cover their utilization. It might keep some people from boondocking with us more than a few days, or might result in listening to a generator, or some of them may just deal – but since we usually have excess power, it seemed like a good idea to configure a way to share it.

I replaced the two-space sub panel I installed for the mini-split with a six-space panel and replaced the 10/4 wire running to it with 6/4.

Then I installed a 50A breaker that feeds a new 50A outdoor outlet that I mounted to the frame, where it is easy to access but also out of sight.

This was a relatively simple modification that should prove to be helpful/beneficial down the road.

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