Life En Route


The parts for the brakes came in, and the install went without issue. We haven’t moved the rig yet, but bled the system and tried to spin all the tires by hand with the brakes applied, and they work as expected. Unless there are new undetected leaks, we should be good to go come travel day. I flushed out all the old fluid and replaced it with new synthetic DOT 4.

While in NAPA picking up the parts they ordered for me, I decided to grab five quarts of Mercon® V ATF and a cheap siphon, so I could swap out the fluid in our Lippert hydraulic system. We’ve had some popping and groaning in the system recently, and after five years it’s about time to be replaced. The siphon was horrible and took forever, but end result is that our hydraulics are quiet again. The old fluid was pink instead of red, so it looks like water or something else got in and was diluting it – probably through the bad seal we replaced a while back, around the time the noises started.

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