Trail Running – Gear & Snacks

I’m doing solo trail runs that are 14+ miles every weekend, and climbing. In the next few weeks I’m planning to complete a 26.9 mile loop I’ve had my eyes on. As my runs are getting longer and temperatures are going up, I’m going to have to start carrying more. In order to get used to carrying a load, I’ve been packing as if I’m planning 25+ miles for my

Trail Running

Over the last four weeks, I’ve averaged 33.5mpw running (had a low week, most weeks are ~36 miles) and, those miles were done at a somewhat faster pace than the previous month. I also started adding in more trail running. Up to this point, unless we’re out with the RV somewhere, my runs have been limited to paved or crushed granite paths, with very small amounts of dirt and/or grass

Running: things I actually use

When I started getting into running, I went through all sorts of gear. Shoes are the big things you think about – and I went though several pairs to find the right fit. Then you have clothing – it should keep you cool, keep you warm, and keep you dry – while you are generating a ton of heat and sweat, running through highly variable conditions. Sure, you can wear

Foam Rolling & Roll Recovery

We haven’t had much to post about lately, as we’ve been getting through the holidays and getting back into the groove of normal life. Things have been both dull and busy – a lot of monotonous catching up to do, mainly, with a few short memories sprinkled in, like spending new years with some great friends of ours from out of town. Kelly’s ankle is healing up nicely and she’s

Tyler State Park

Both of us have family in the Tyler area, so we go back to visit from time to time. A couple years ago we stayed at Tyler State Park, but have avoided going back there because it was really tight to get our rig in and out of the campground. When recently looking at the map, I realized that was due to the camping area we stayed in – Cedar

Fresh Start

Since starting this blog back in May 2016, we’ve accumulated some 206 posts. That comes to average one post every 4.5 days, which seems impossible – we must have gone through a few periods of heavy posting to offset the periods I remember more clearly… the periods of not posting at all. Over those two and a half years, which were kicked off by the purchase of our new fifth

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