Oil Pressure

I changed the oil in my truck last week, and began to panic when I started it up, checked the oil pressure gauge, and saw it pegged at 120PSI (the highest the gauge goes). I immediately shut it down, configured a PID on my Insight CTS2 monitor for oil pressure PSI, and started it back up – to find it reading 0PSI through the ECU. Again, I shut it down

Getting ready for the season

With spring/summer coming quickly, I’ve been working to get the truck, RV and boat ready to go. The RV has leaking hydraulics that are probably covered under warranty, so I’m opting to have them take care of it. Someone is supposed to take a look at it on Thursday. The RV itself has sat pretty nose-high since we added the sidewinder pinbox and 35″ tires to the truck, so I

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