Life En Route


LifeEnRoute is a foray into the more technical side of what is, and what could be, in the realm of nomadic living. We mostly discuss modifications and enhancements to RVs to maximize off-grid self-sufficiency and minimize environmental impacts, but sometimes delve into our veganism, trail running, other hobbies, and other topics.

Rocky Mountain National Park

We split our time between a 39′ fifth wheel with 2925W of solar and custom air conditioning, and a 19′ truck camper with 1800W of solar, both hauled by a Ram 3500 with a custom flatbed. We use these rigs to comfortably travel North America, without being tied to a sticks and bricks home, established RV parks, or even schedules. We are consistently testing new ways to streamline living small and traveling often, and are here to share what we learn with you.

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