Life En Route

Full Timing

We’ve been slowly inching towards a long-term goal of ours, which is to full-time in the RV for a while while we are “young”. We purchased our first home back in January 2014 – a small, 1345 sq ft fixer-upper on a “large” (1/4 acre, which is much smaller than we actually want) lot that was at the bottom of the price bracket for our area – and put a

Onan EC30 Generator Control

One of our major concerns with our three dogs and traveling, is that an RV without air conditioning will heat up quicker than a larger and better insulated house will. Our RV is equipped with an Onan QG5500 generator, but as it was installed had to be started manually. We don’t want to come back to the RV one day to find the dogs overheated and suffering related effects. Back

Oil Pressure

I changed the oil in my truck last week, and began to panic when I started it up, checked the oil pressure gauge, and saw it pegged at 120PSI (the highest the gauge goes). I immediately shut it down, configured a PID on my Insight CTS2 monitor for oil pressure PSI, and started it back up – to find it reading 0PSI through the ECU. Again, I shut it down

Trail Running – Gear & Snacks

I’m doing solo trail runs that are 14+ miles every weekend, and climbing. In the next few weeks I’m planning to complete a 26.9 mile loop I’ve had my eyes on. As my runs are getting longer and temperatures are going up, I’m going to have to start carrying more. In order to get used to carrying a load, I’ve been packing as if I’m planning 25+ miles for my

Trail Running

Over the last four weeks, I’ve averaged 33.5mpw running (had a low week, most weeks are ~36 miles) and, those miles were done at a somewhat faster pace than the previous month. I also started adding in more trail running. Up to this point, unless we’re out with the RV somewhere, my runs have been limited to paved or crushed granite paths, with very small amounts of dirt and/or grass

Getting ready for the season

With spring/summer coming quickly, I’ve been working to get the truck, RV and boat ready to go. The RV has leaking hydraulics that are probably covered under warranty, so I’m opting to have them take care of it. Someone is supposed to take a look at it on Thursday. The RV itself has sat pretty nose-high since we added the sidewinder pinbox and 35″ tires to the truck, so I

Progress Reports

Projects We don’t have much going on right now – we ordered a bunch of seeds for the garden and greenhouse and are working to get everything planted in the next week or two. We’re a bit behind schedule, but there is plenty of growing season left in zone 8. The greenhouse was completely infested with ants, and I’m struggling to get them out of there without killing any of

Running: things I actually use

When I started getting into running, I went through all sorts of gear. Shoes are the big things you think about – and I went though several pairs to find the right fit. Then you have clothing – it should keep you cool, keep you warm, and keep you dry – while you are generating a ton of heat and sweat, running through highly variable conditions. Sure, you can wear

Lots of work, and fitness

Since my last post that covered a little about how I have a lot of work obligations, those obligations (and projects) blew up and I’ve been working what seems around the clock. Fortunately there is a significant reduction in sight. Because of the workload, my schedule for running became a lot tighter. I’m managing to knock out a little over 30 miles a week (31.5 miles for Jan 28-Feb 3)

On-Call Risk

I’m spending an hour or more running on most days now, with a couple hours and steadily increasing each Saturday. I’m wanting to get back to spending time in nature — backpacking, hiking, and other activities that take us away from civilization. The issue with that, is that I’m always on call. Kelly and I make our living two ways. First, I have a work from home position as a

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