The coach has a Cat C-10 engine rated at 385hp & 1350lb-ft torque, mated to an Allison 4000 series transmission. It had roughly 80K miles when we purchased it.

Being that we bought a coach over two decades old, there were several items that needed to be addressed. To give you an idea of what it takes to get an older coach into top shape, we’ve done the following on this one:

  • Replaced tires with Cooper Roadmaster RM830 EM steer and RM230 HH drive 
  • Replaced all air bags
  • Replaced air dryer cartridges
  • Replaced leveling compressor with 120VAC dual-tank unit
  • Replaced two of the four coolant circulation pumps and eliminated another
  • Replaced the radiator
  • Replaced the coolant with ES Compleat PG
  • Replaced all trans and hydraulic fluids with TranSynd 668
  • Replaced wax valve and bypassed OTR A/C solenoid
  • Replaced exhaust from turbo back