Another Roof & Tire Update; Still Waiting…

The insurance adjuster is located in Virginia, so she sent a local tech of some sort to take photos. He was supposed to be out there on Tuesday, but arrived Thursday, and didn’t submit the photos until Friday morning. I think I need to consider finding a local agent after this.

I spoke with the adjuster yesterday (Friday) afternoon, and she said that she was reviewing the photos, and to go ahead and send her the quotes I received so that she could submit her estimate. I may be reading into that, but I took that to indicate that they are most likely going to opt for a replacement.

I sent her two quotes, one for a conventional rubber roof and one for the spray-on. The quotes I was receiving ranged widely, from $5-10K for the roofs, but I’ve worked with the company before that provided the written conventional quote, and theirs came in on the higher side at over $9K. They are my preferred vendor in all truth if I have to go with a conventional. However, since the spray on roof is just over $7K, I’m hoping that will be approved and we’ll be able to get a better roof out of this ordeal. Hopefully we’ll hear an approval on Monday or Tuesday, and be able to move forward on this.

On another note, we went to pick up the wheels and tires this week, but when at the shipping terminal, found one of the wheels had serious cosmetic damage due to a fork-lift accident. I had to refuse the shipment and am waiting for it to be returned to Florida, after which it will be replaced and shipped back out. It will probably be another week and a half or so before we take delivery.

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