Entertainment System

We went to install the entertainment system yesterday. I wasn’t really happy with the speaker mounts, not due to the mounts themselves, but due to the fact that they were being mounted in 1/8″ paneling with a 2″ air gap and then another 1/8″ panel. Nothing solid and nothing particularly strong. I don’t trust them to hold while moving, so I opted to leave the monitors unmounted until I find a good solution to reinforce the paneling. One idea I have is to use spray foam to fill the void between the panels and make it more solid, then use pan head 3″ bolts that run through both panels and into the speaker mounts. For now, we’re unplugging them and stashing them on the carpet next to the recliners while in motion. This actually works well and may be a better position, so we may leave them this way. The subwoofer works well with the wireless connection, but I had to put tape over the extremely bright blue LEDs on both the transmitter and receiver. We chose to put it next to the loveseat because it doubles as a table, though now we can’t pull the kitchen table chair all the way out. It still moves far enough to sit down, though.



I like the speakers sitting on the base. I’m not going to bother with permanent mounting.


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