First Tow With New Suspension

We took our time getting packed up before heading out of camp around noon today. I didn’t really know what to expect towing with the new suspension, our old suspension handled pretty nice when loaded and I was worried that the Kelderman would introduce more sway and instability into the mix. I couldn’t have been more wrong. I’ve heard the term – and even loosely used it myself – “don’t even know it is back there”, but that’s usually an “all things considered” term, as far as I’m concerned. Well I’m using it here in a different context: the truck feels identical when loaded or unloaded. I-d-e-n-t-i-c-a-l. If not for having to give it more throttle to get it moving, I really wouldn’t know it was back there. That translates to curves, twists, and turns, too. One of the most unsettling feelings I can think of while towing is the feeling of the rear of the truck being thrown to the outside of a curve when going around it too fast. There are a few curves on the way home that I’ve pulled over before, and going the speed limit on cruise always felt a little of that tugging feeling to the outside of the truck. On the first one today, I went the same speed as I usually do because I felt pretty confident in the handling by the time I reached it. On the second one I went a little faster, because I didn’t have the unsettling feeling on the first. And on another I went around the curve about 10mph faster than I usually slow to, as if I were unloaded. Still none of that feeling! I’m thrilled with the new setup both loaded and unloaded. I was very skeptical about it being worth the money, but am a believer now.

I took a photo while waiting on Kelly to check out at the front office, to note the stance of the truck with the trailer attached. The trailer sits perfectly level with the truck as well.


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