TPMS Resolution (?)

I finally finished up my TPMS system – at least for now. I built this out of scrap PVC, threw a bolt-in valvestem on it, tossed four TPMS sensors and some paper towels in it, linked them to the truck, and filled it to 75PSI. The sensors fall asleep when inactive for a while, but I’m reworking my tool situation and my toolbox is currently (and possibly permanently) mostly empty (because the tonneau cover interferes with the opening of the lid and it’s too small) so I tossed this in there hoping it will roll and bang around enough in there to keep the sensors awake. So far, so good.

I was in a hurry when I initially assembled it, and it exploded on me because I didn’t let it cure for long enough. I tried airing it up after thirty minutes or so and the caps blew off at 80PSI, causing an ear ringing bang and shredded paper to go everywhere. I spent another half hour cleaning up and searching for the sensors which flew several feet away. I rebuilt it and let it sit for several hours before adding pressure, and will be keeping it out of the cab.


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