Paintless Dent Repair

We caused major dents in each of our vehicles over the last week, so I bought a cheap ($50) paintless dent repair kit off Amazon. It consists of a bar/puller, a bunch of glue-on pads, a large hot glue gun, some glue sticks, spatulas, and a little bottle that you fill with rubbing alcohol. This was my first time using one of these kits.

The first dent can be seen in this photo. It was from a runaway rolling spare tire that Kelly tried to pick and move, but let go of. It rolled into the rear passenger door of her Frontier:


This took two pulls with the pad to get out, but you can’t really see it at all anymore.


She also had a door ding on the other side that I pulled out with similar results.

On my truck, I crushed in part of the cab with the trailer while seeing how sharp I could turn a few days ago. I didn’t take any before photos, but it was substantially caved in. It doesn’t look perfect, but after about five pulls I was able to get it almost back to normal. With more work it could be even better, but I was working on this in full sun on a 90° afternoon, and decided enough was enough.


Overall I’d say that the kit does a very good job and I’m satisfied with the results. I’ll probably go back and work on my truck some more but believe me when I say it is an substantial improvement. On another note, you can see in the photos that I bought a new CB antenna and a “matching” scanner antenna, to put on the opposite side. I think they will look a lot better than the Firestiks, even if they’re a foot shorter and do take away from range. I was able to achieve a perfect SWR with the new CB antenna.

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