I realized this weekend that my back has nearly stopped hurting me. I was told I have multiple bulging discs, that are pressing on the nerve on the left side of my spine, causing me all sorts of pain and other issues. I was told it will continue getting worse, and eventually need surgery, and just to put it off as long as possible. A couple years ago I more or less gave up on long car rides. We drove to Indiana a few months ago and it killed me to sit in the car for hours on end – even in a very comfortable truck – and I was actively running a few miles each day at that point which was helping (even though I was told running might be too high impact). Normally a back sleeper, and someone who sleeps through the night, I gave up sleeping on my back a year or so ago, and uninterrupted sleep for sessions of tossing and turning to find comfort. Yet in the past week or maybe two – I’ve slept through the night and had minimal back pain throughout the day. I’m not sure if it is attributable to running and cycling, or to eliminating items from my diet that might be causing inflammation – but it is a welcome occurrence.


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